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Prof. Philip Schwyzer is the leader of this project and he is a specialist in early modern English literature at the University of Exeter, with interests including William Shakespeare, Edmund Spenser, and the literature of personal and cultural memory. Much of his research happens on borders and boundaries, including those between the Middle Ages and the early modern period, between literature and archaeology, and between England and Wales. His books include Shakespeare and the Remains of Richard III (2013), Archaeologies of English Renaissance Literature (2007), and Literature, Nationalism, and Memory in Early Modern England and Wales (2004).

When the Dead Don’t Exist, They Must Be Invented: Thoughts on the Massacre at Bowling Green

Do you remember the Bowling Green Massacre? This mysterious atrocity was introduced to the world by Presidential Counselor Kellyanne Conway in an interview on Thursday 2 February. Justifying Trump’s immigration ban, Conway reminded us that “two Iraqis came here to [...]

Shakespearean Exhumations: The Neolithic Romeo and Juliet

In my first public presentation of DEEPDEAD research, I gave a paper at the British Shakespeare Association conference in Hull, UK (October 2016), on “Shakespearean Exhumations.” Here’s a snippet of the talk: In February 2007, a team of Italian archaeologists [...]